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April in pink

Welcome to the homepage of April the wonder escort!

I am a sexiest bombshell; this is what my other customers say about me. I am simply one of the most fantastic girls direct to you. I have superb and remarkable feedback from all my clients. Discerning men will always remember my gorgeous long straight blond hair, cherry lips as well as golden and smooth skin. I am very sensual bodily. I am an open minded lady, very friendly and easy to please. You will spend an amazing time with me.

Hey there sexy people! April here to help you fulfill all of your naughty fantasies. If you're coming to Sin City you must have a few. I'd love to take you around my town, show you all of the hot nightclubs to hit. Maybe grab a bite to eat. Whatever you want to do with this sexy body, we can do.

Like what you see baby?

By now you've probably seen my pictures. Don't you like them? I'm a little on the shorter side, but my long legs make up for it. You can probably tell that though. Don't you like my amazingly perfect tits? They are so nice, perfect for my frame. And this ass? Well you could spank it all night long, if you wanted. I'm a hardworking Las Vegas escort who knows how to keep her clients happy. I know that means keeping my body in tip top shape.

I just dyed my hair. What do you think of the blonde color? I think it suits my solf skin just perfectly. Really brings out my big, beautiful blue eyes too, don't you think? Instead of just staring, why not call me? You can see all of these great perks in person. I know you'd like to.

I'm just a bubbly girl who really wants to have a good time. Do you think you could show me that? I bet you could. You look like the kind of guy who really knows what he wants. Well I hope you want me big boy. I hope you want me enough to call 702-478-1775 right now! It's a pretty simple number and you seem smart. I'm sure you can remember it easy enough baby.

When I'm not working my body with clients, I work in a night club. If you're the kind of guy who likes to play out in the clubs, I'm your girl. I can get you into just about any club you could imagine. Even the hottest, newest places like XS Club. I just love going out and dancing with my clients. I have a sexy body and you're a sexy man, so why not bump and grind in the club all night long? I think that sounds like a perfect evening.

All kinds of things to do on our date

Maybe you don't like to go to the club. That's okay. We can always do something else. There are so many casinos and hotels to play in too. I love to go down to the casino floor and gamble the night away. Have you ever played craps with a beautiful girl on your arm? It's so much fun. Not only will people think you're a high roller, they will see how much of a baller you are. How else would you get a girl as hot as me on your arm? You'd have to be a big shot. And everyone is going to see you for what you are.

Picture it: We walk in. You're Brad Pitt, I'm Catherine Zeta Jones; or even better, April. We look like the hottest rock stars on the planet. I'm draped in a slinky black dress. You have your sharpest tie on and look like James Bond. We grab a couple of drinks and slink over to a high roller table. Everyone's eyes are on us. They don't know who we are, but they want to. You make your first bet and win big. And then again. Before long even more people are standing around, cheering you on. All the while I'm on your arm.

Doesn't that sound like a lovely evening? I think so too. Once we're done winning big I can take you back to your hotel. You'll get the erotic massage you deserve, you winner you. I'm a good Las Vegas escort. I know how to make you feel special in public and really rub it in back in the hotel room. It's one thing to feel like a big man in front of everyone else, but if it doesn't really last than how can it get you off?

I just want to make you feel good. That's my only M.O. It gets me horny just thinking about it. Do you know how horny I am right now? I bet you do. I know you feel these sparks baby. Give me a call and we'll get those sparks flying in person.

Or we could just stay in.

We don't even have to take a step out of the hotel room. I could show up in the same slinky black dress. Maybe even have my hair up in a nice up do. You can see my high heels under my dress. And these opaque nylons look wonderful on my long legs.

I slide past you into the room. Sit on the couch. Show off my body by laying back and teasing my hair down. Are you feeling a little hot now baby? I bet you are. I know I am.

When you feel up to it you can come on over. I'll sit behind you and rub my nice tits against your back as I massage your shoulders. You seem tense. Is it me? Would you like me to make the mood even easier for you? I can rub away your pain, but dancing it away sounds so much better.

I'll climb off the bed and turn on some music. Remember how I said I work in a club? Well I'm a go-go dancer. I know how to move my body. That slinky dress is on the floor. Did I mention I have sexy black lingerie hiding underneath for you? Well here it is baby. Front and center. There are tiny pink bows all over my lingerie. It hugs my tits, making them pop out just enough. This ass can barely be contained with these tiny panties.

What happens next is up to you. I could drive you crazy with a great strip tease. Or maybe you want a lap dance. Or maybe you're a greedy, greedy boy who wants both. Who could blame you? This T&A was meant to be appreciated. And I want you to appreciate it all over your hotel room. That even includes the shower. You would be amazed by what I can do with a bar of soap and a little running water. Why don't' you call me so you can find out?

You don't have to be a boy either

If you want all of these perks, you don't have to be a boy. You could be a pretty girl. Or a hot woman. Or whatever you want to be. I'm not picky baby. I want to play with sexy people and you look sexy to me. Some escorts think that going on dates with women is boring. I don't. I think it's the best thing since playing with a boy. What can I say, I just love love.

If I look good to you, why not get things going? Boys, girls, whoever. Just call me right now and we'll play just as hard. I would love to get caught around town with a beautiful girl. It's so much fun! It lets me know how my clients feel every single day!

The other nice thing about ladies is that they like to go to classier places. Not that boys don't. I've just had a lot of upscale nights with ladies in places that boys usually wouldn't think to go! So much fun.

Also ladies, its fun if you let me bring some of my favorite toys. Not that I can't do that on guy dates. I can just show you ladies a thing or two about how to really get in touch with your toys. Or maybe you could instruct me in what you would like to see me do. So hot either way.

Let's get this party started

No matter who you are I want to go out with you. I want to experience Las Vegas with you. I want you to pick me to be your Las Vegas Escort. You could be a man. You could be a woman. You could be a group of guys. Whatever you are, you just need to call me to make this happen!

There are so few things better in life than having fun. And when you're having fun with hot people it's just that much better. So stop wasting time and call me now!

Contact me: 702-478-1775
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