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This is Sin Cit and I am one of the best escorts in Las Vegas everybody want to be like and be with. I learned to love my job when I started working with the escorts in Washington DC, then I moved to Las Vegas wanting more. Although I love the east coast, Las Vegas remains my home for now and it is a lovely place to live. I will show you around! I will guarantee your involvement with me will be the best you ever had and will be exceptional for whatever remains of your adventure – unforgettable. On the off chance that you are exhausted or feeling down, I will help to turn it around making you a more satisfied and fulfilled man. Your time with me will be all round loved and wherever the party is at - either open air or indoor – you will get a top of the line 5 star amusement with me.

With girls direct to you, that worry goes away. Our service will take the guesswork out of where to find someone and you will not need to worry about getting stuck with someone who doesn't interest you at all. Going to strip clubs to find girls will often leave you frustrated and alone since the only hot girls in the place are the ones that work there; and they are hands off, stay away. The only way you get to be near those girls is if you have a lot of money and you will be in a room with a lot of other people or in a room within the establishment. It is much more comfortable to have the girls direct to you so you do not need to do the seeking or play the strip club game.

I have a very sociable and cheerful personality and I always look for the good in people, especially when they pick me to be their blonde Vegas escort. It is because of gentlemen like you, that I keep myself motivated to look my best so I can be the top notch girl that you have come to expect from a Las Vegas escort. The part of my body that I like the most is my ass. I do extra exercises to keep it nice and tight, but it has just the right jiggle on the dance floor. I think you will like my tits as well.

Us Las Vegas escort girls have splendid looks, ordinary elegance and very adventurous and exciting attitudes. We also possess sensational figures which make them very unique and different. We also show optimal care and willingness to know more about the life of our guest with respect to their needs. Some of come from the east coast working with the escorts in Philly so you know we can be hard core if your ever wanted us to. We may use of our thrilling and artistic type of approach in serving our clients in order to show total fun and excitement to them.

Let's play a game, shall we?

You're a sexy young thing. You're coming to Las Vegas for a conference. You know a few people who will be there, but not anyone you really want to hang out with. You've never been to Vegas before. You want to find yourself in a little bit of trouble. Maybe some dirty fun with a person as sexy as you are. You could be a guy, or you could be a girl. It's not really important what kind of person you are. As long as you are interested in having a good time, that's all that counts. I have worked a lot with Sin City strippers so I know plent of tricks as well. So anyway. You're looking for something to get your hands on. Someone to be your partner in crime. Then it hits you. Las Vegas Escorts. That's when you call 702-478-1775 and ask for April. I answer the phone, sweet as I can be. You're not sure I'm the girl for you. Then I really turn on the seduction. You know instantly that we're going to have an amazing time.

You finally get to Vegas. After a boring day at your conference we meet up. I meet you in the hotel lobby. I'm the blonde haired beauty in the tight red dress. You can see everything. You walk up, trying to pick your jaw off the floor. As you come over I see how hot you are. I'm trying to keep mine off the floor too. Suddenly we're sitting in the hotel bar. After a few cocktails you start to loosen up and we start talking. I'm charming your ear off. I might be a Las Vegas Escort, but that doesn't mean I'm not charming as hell. After a few drinks we make our way to the casino floor. You're here with me so you're already feeling luckier than ever before. We hit the tables. Suddenly you're winning. High roller status. It's so hot to see you winning baby. I just love being able to support you in this. So we're playing and playing and suddenly you feel like dancing. So we leave the casino and head for one of the hottest night clubs on the strip, one where I happen to work part time. They let us in for free. You watch as my sweet red dress glides across the floor, bringing you in. I'm begging you to dance with me baby. We start to sway together. The tempo in the music picks up. Suddenly we're dancing, hair is flying. Our bodies are grinding against each other. It's getting me all bothered just thinking about it.

We can't take it anymore. We leave the club and stumble back to your hotel room, the music still pulsating through us. You sit down on the bed. I grab the alarm clock and turn on the radio. I start showing you those dance moves again, this time up close and personal. You are mesmerized as I slink out of this tiny red dress and show off my perfect black lingerie. You can't believe how amazing it is to watch me do this. It feels like a dream. Suddenly I'm on your lap and you can see right into my bright blue eyes. My hair falls across your faces as I slowly grind myself against you. I love feeling you under me. You feel like you want me. So I grind harder. Before long I'm giving you a full on lap dance, really getting in there hard. You'd never get this kind of treatment at a strip club. This is the kind of lap dance only a Las Vegas Escort can give to you. And April is here to give you the best lap dance you've ever had. My long legs will wrap around you. My soft tits bounce up and down against you. You are really enjoying this show, aren't you big boy?

Suddenly there is a knock at the door. I go to answer it in nothing but my lingerie. A sexy cop answers the door. Oh no, I'm busted! She gets her cuffs out and puts my hands behind my back. It makes my nipples hard thinking about her sexy short police uniform. I ask if she is going to punish me and she says yes. You watch as she leads me over to the dresser. She bends me over and starts to spank me right in front of you. Her nipples are hard under her police uniform. Isn't that sexy baby? She spanks me harder before turning me around and giving me a nice hard kiss, her hands exploring me everywhere you wish you could. Bet you didn't think you were going to get an amazing girl on girl show to cap off your evening. She starts to dance with me, our bodies moving in perfect rhythm. I slowly unbutton her uniform and defrock her. She's wearing even sexier pink panties than I am. We play with each other in front of you before she bends down and pulls a pretty little vibrator out of her police uniform. Just when you think that it can't be any better she turns on that little vibrating rabbit and we really start to play.

Things get so hot and heavy that we just have to take a break. We head to the shower to cool off, dragging you along. You watch as we climb in. We get each other all wet in our lingerie before finally it just has to come off. You thought my nipples were hard before, well, when my police friend is here they are even harder. She starts rubbing soap all over my tits so I rub it all over her ass. We take turns cleaning each other off between deep, sexy kisses. Before long we're all clean and realize you need a little attention. So we grab our lotions and get to work. Imagine it. Two sexy women giving you the most erotic massage of your life. We're really getting deep inside of that tension. Working out all of those kinks. We'll rub you off as a team. Then you'll really know what relief feels like. And just when you think it can't get better there will be another knock at the door. Think you can handle all this sexy stuff, big boy? Give me a call and let's find out.

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