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Hey there sexy. Welcome to my world. I'm April, in case you hadn't guessed that yet. By now you've probably seen all of my naughty pictures over there. Do you like what you see, big boy? It's hard to imagine you don't. I never have any complaints at my other job. See, I work part time at a nightclub. I know, a hottie like me working a real job? Drag. I can't imagine it either. It's not nearly as glamourous as being a Las Vegas Escorts girl, but it can be or so much fun. Not nearly as fun as you are though, baby. But don't you worry, I get to do all kinds of sexy things at both of my jobs. And if you pick me to be your Las Vegas escort I will be able to show you all of those sexy things.

See, I'm a shot girl/go-go dancer at my club. It's so much fun baby. Have you ever been to a club in Las Vegas? It's like a big party, all the time. It's amazing. You can walk into any club and really find yourself in the whirl wind scene. It's so much fun. I love being a shot girl in Las Vegas. It's the best job, aside from being a Las Vegas Escort. I get to get drunk and hang out with hunky guys like you all night long! Well, not nearly as hot as you. But they will do, until you finally call me. 702-478-1775 are my digits. Not too hard to remember, right baby? You can call me right now if you want big boy. My lines are open just for you. All you have to do is pick up that phone, dial my digits and all of our dreams can start to come true. That's right, you are my dream too!

You might have noticed that I said I was a go-go dancer, too. That's even more fun! You know those cages that girls dance in? Well that's me! Don't have those kinds of things in clubs where you're from? Well you're missing out. Here in my home town of Vegas we have all kinds of crazy stages in our night clubs. There are glass floors, cages, even just big blocks that you can dance on. Even if you don't work there you can get on the stage and flaunt your stuff! It's so much fun! I love climbing into the cages. You get to wear whatever you want. Sometimes I don't dance in anything but a bikini and some knee high boots. Doesn't that sound hot big boy? Wouldn't you like to see me dancing in something like that? You could come check out my show, or better yet, you could just call me and get a private one of your own.

All you have to do is call 702-478-1775, and ask for April, that's me! I'll be your sexy personal Las Vegas Escort. I'll give you a private show that you won't soon forget. This body can move in ways that you have to see to believe. And the best part is we could be in or out. We could hit a hot nightclub like the one I work in and dance there. Or you could just invite me back to your place and I can give you a super special private show. It's really up to you. There are perks either way. My body looks amazing in dresses and I just love to dance in public. But it also looks amazing in lingerie and I would just love to climb up on your lap. Some Las Vegas Escorts work as strippers in their spare time so they get to grind on guys all day long. But I don't! I just want some nice hard lap to climb on to and grind against. Won't you let me grind all up on your grill? I know you'd like it baby.

I want to feel your body. I want to feel you under my ass as I grind against you. I want to feel your eyes on me as I dance around your hotel room. Mmm…it gets me so hot just thinking about it baby. Won't you let me grind on you? If you get to tense I could always get out my lotions and give you a nice hard massage. That would take away all of that tension, right baby? I know you'd like that too. I just love getting my hands all over a sexy hot guy like you. It gets me all wet. Speaking of wet, I can climb in the shower if you want. Give you a real shower show. I love to rub suds all over my body. You'll like my dance moves even more when you see then taking place in the shower. Imagine it. You're standing there, watching me. My long legs are dripping wet. There is a soft pulse in the background. My body is swaying. I'm rubbing soap all over my tits and staring at you, making you so excited. I get shivers thinking about it. Do you feel it baby? It would be electric. And all you have to do is call me.

It's really that simple. I mean if you don't want to have a good time….well that's just silly baby. I know you do want to have a good time. I know you're just waiting to play with me. So stop putting us both out and pick up the phone! I'm practically on my knees here! Is that what you want? Do you want me to beg for it? I bet you do you naughty boy. Won't you just give me a call already and let me make you feel good? I like spending time in my night club but I would much rather spend my night with you. The only piece missing from my puzzle is you and your hot body, so get over here and let me grind on you! I'm waiting baby! Give me a call now!

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